Member Services

Report suspicious criminal activity here.
  • Employee Hotline Program – The Coalition sponsors a reporting channel for the anonymous reporting of workplace abuse; harassment, theft, time violations, drug/alcohol abuse and other forms of fraud. The Coalition’s member companies offer absolute anonymity to reporting parties but if you are willing to identify yourself, incentives are paid to verified reports. Offered as a member’s choice program, this service is free of charge to Members.
  • Secure Website – automatic subscription to our Members Only website. The website serves as the main communication and reference source platform to access the full range of services offered to Members. Published at the website is a comprehensive Best Practices Guide, serving as a virtual reference manual to assist owners and managers with development and implementation of their individual loss prevention programs.
  • LP On Call – LP related consulting services with experienced and expert resources are a phone call or email away. Coalition membership delivers this basic level of support to every member and provides an available resource for those members choosing to utilize services offered by the Coalition.
  • Program Design – Membership opens the door to developing a comprehensive loss prevention program specifically tailored to your needs. Our staff stands ready to work directly with your company to develop a site specific program for your implementation. Offered as a member’s choice, this program is offered at significant rate reductions.
  • Discounted Rates – Site visits, investigative support and other field related support services are offered at discounted rates. As a member’s choice program, each member will only pay for what they have ordered; there are no hidden costs associated with membership.
  • Group Buying – The Coalition harnesses the purchase power of the entire membership and has developed a fully vetted vendor network offering both goods and services to the group. Services such as pre-employment background investigations, drug screening and other services are negotiated at group rates for the membership. Coalition members are able to capitalize on group pricing for goods and services they may be independently buying today. A member’s choice program; this free service does not obligate a member to use or purchase through any third party vendor.
  • Training Resource – The Coalition provides various training resources through the website and by operating a lending library of various loss prevention related seminar session recordings, trade publications, etc.
  • Special Projects – The membership is constantly polled, seeking their input regarding special projects to continuously research new and innovative methods to control losses. The Coalition works for the membership on a continuing and ongoing basis to meet their expressed needs.