Why Join?

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As the member of a franchise, a cooperative or industry buying group, you already know the many benefits of aligning your business with others.

Whether you seek to maximize your purchase power for inventory and supplies, draw from the support services offered by your group or increase your market share by group advertising and branding your business, you have already identified the benefits of throwing in with others!

The Loss Prevention Coalition (LPC) is a simple extension of the cooperative model you are already employing for the best of business reasons: to save you money.

Reducing your loss exposure and protection of your bottom line are the only goals of this Coalition of business members operating for their mutual benefit.

LPC operates in a cooperative manner to support your independent business in the development of your loss prevention program according to your needs and on your terms.

For a surprisingly low subscription fee, your firm can draw from the many resources listed under Member Services. Click now to examine the complete menu of services available to our members.